The forge is a small building located behind the spawn in kyanite village.
Screen Shot 2016-10-04 at 17.54.22

Exterior image of the forge in Kyanite Village.

The building is used to craft weapons for players to use.

As of now, weapons include (In order) :

Priestguard [Shield]

Goblin Knife [Dagger]

Noir Greatsword [2h sword]

Bandit's Broadsword [1h Sword]

Crimson Defender [Shield]

Highborne Blade [1h Sword]

Aquasteel Dagger [Dagger]

Earthen Blade [2h Sword]

Flawed Treant Protector [Shield]

Swamp Swiftblade [1h Sword]

Dull Wildling Etcher [Dagger]

Shark Spear [2h Sword]

Tampered Greatsword [2h Sword]

Neo Wildling Etcher [Dagger]

Wildling Blade [1h Sword]

Flawless Treant Protector [Shield]

Green Scale Armor [Clothing]

Runed Temple Plate [Clothing]

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